Our Services



We use both 2D and 3D digital modelling skills to help you visualise your product or space.


We have all the latest CNC technology in-house, and can take your project from concept to completion.


After working on your design and the manufacture of your project, our small team can get to work on the installaion and fitting!

Design Process.

Feel free to drop us an email or call us to discuss your vision! We can advise on the best materials and processes for the job.

After an initial discussion, we can measure and assess your space and work towards some 2D and/or 3D CAD drawings of your project.

During this phase, depending on the project, we can also use our 3D printers to produce scaled mock-ups of your design.

Manufacturing Process.

With our wide range of CNC machinery and our small team of experts, we create your project in-house.

This ensures that every detail of your design is manufactured to specification and to an incredibly high standard. 


The same team that worked with you on your design, and manufactured your product will be the same team to install and fit your project.

This ensures the best result – after all, we know your design very well at this stage!

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